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A Love Note From The Founder

Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to Holistically She. I fell in love with non-toxic and clean beauty a couple of years ago when I did a hard personal inventory of my mind, and body. Like many in the clean beauty industry, I realized that what I put on my body, was just as important as what I put in my body. I had a clean diet, but what about a clean bathroom counter and cabinet? Not so much.

I started reading the ingredients on the back of what I was buying, and made the choice that from that moment forward, I would make a conscious effort to buy clean. I started making my own products, and whatever I couldn’t make, I sought the brand and person(s) who could do it best.

Family, friends, and friends of friends from all over began to reach out every day sending me pictures of ingredient labels asking if it was clean? What could they could buy from where that was non-toxic? What brand had the best body butter that isn’t full of chemicals ? Or if not this body oil, then what instead?

And thus, Holistically She was born. I created it for my family, my friends, and for you, in an effort to give you a platform to shop the absolute best in luxury, non-toxic, and clean skin and body care.

I’m so happy you’re here. Have fun.



Sophie Sargent

Holistically She

Founder, Formulator, Curator