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Healthy HooHoo

Stacy Lyon founded Healthy HooHoo natural feminine cleansing products to help restore the exquisite natural balance of the vulvovaginal area of the body, one shower (or wipe) at a time. The story begins in 2009, when her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her tissue biopsy revealed a heavy presence of parabens. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that don't belong in your body.

That same week, she had a spirited discussion with my neighbor, a nurse practitioner in an OBGYN practice, about a shocking number of her patients who suffered recurring infections and discomfort, largely due to over-cleansing and the use of highly alkaline soaps.  Discomfort and that less-than-fresh feeling was a too-common concern among her girlfriends. While necessity may be the mother of invention, it seemed the situation called for a step back from the chemical-laden concoctions that lined feminine product aisles, and a move toward a more naturally derived solution.

Thus, Healthy HooHoo Was born and has been keeping HooHoo's happy ever since.