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Native Atlas

After more than 15 years of experience in the treatment room and always having limited access to clean beauty Alexia made it her mission to change that. 

Native Atlas was born in 2014. A line of luxe self care products free of harmful ingredients that can be trusted in spa treatments and that clients can take home and incorporate into their everyday lives. Native Atlas showcases the transformative power of plant derived blends ranging from essential skincare, active skincare and wellness focused body care.

She is married to a native Kenyan who is an athletic trainer and the inspiration behind her first packaged and retailed product — Recover Balm. He used to come home from work with rough and peeling skin on his hands — a result of the products he used at work. After two weeks of using her products, his hands stopped drying out and peeling altogether. She knew by eliminating unnecessary chemicals there would be change and she made it her mission to introduce that into the lives of others.