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Detox Face Mask w/ Sea Clay + Spirulina

Sea and bentonite clays clarify pores and absorb excess oil, while activated charcoal draws toxins from the skin. These active ingredients increase circulation, promoting the skin's natural healing and results in an overall clearer complexion.
Aquatic and land botanicals such as spirulina, kelp, alfalfa and burdock root are vitamin and mineral-rich and are found to encourage cell turnover, fade scars and help prevent future breakouts. Your skin loves these natural ingredients.

Why We Love It

- Spirulina is an oceanic adaptogen known for balancing hormones, and giving you glowing skin. If you're prone to breakouts, this is your mask!
- This mask comes in a powder form, giving you the ability to control your own consistency.

How It's Done

Mix one teaspoon of the dry mask with water in a ratio of about 1:1 until it reaches a smooth, mud-like consistency. Apply to skin, massaging for gentle exfoliation and leave on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Skin may appear slightly pink for 20-30 min after application as a result of the increased circulation sparked by the active ingredients in this mask. 

Pairs Well With

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